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Dear Visiting Friend:
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HEPHZIBAH HOUSE.  Our humble work began in 1971, when the Lord called my wife and me to begin this unique ministry.  Beginning initially in the suburbs of Chicago, it was not long until the Lord providentially led us to Winona Lake, Indiana, where we have been until this present hour.

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This ministry is a boarding school for troubled teen girls who have a custodial parent attending a Bible-teaching church.  Accordingly, these precious girls are “children of the Light” who have deliberately or inadvertently let that light fall to the ground.  With myriads of temptations, wrong activities, and ungodly influences available in today’s world for a disaffected youth, it is not long before their concerned parents realize they are losing control.  It is generally at that point we receive a call from the pastor and/or parent of the child.
It can usually be determine in a phone call whether or not Hephzibah House can be involved in helping a family with their errant daughter.  We generally receive children between age 12 to 16 years, 8 months, (with an occasional exception).  Parents agree to enroll their children in our school for a minimum of 15 months.  Students are allowed to stay beyond their 18
th birthday to complete their school work (on a case-by-case basis).
Through these many decades we have received girls from all 50 states and some foreign countries (American missionaries sometimes also have challenges with their daughters while on the field).  We quickly grow to love each girl God brings to our door, earnestly praying for each to become a “handmaiden of the Lord”, or at the least, to become a productive and responsible member of society.  Some of our students now serve in full-time Christian service, and many have become godly wives and mothers.  Unfortunately, we find some do return to their old influences and ways of life. 
We welcome telephone inquiries at our office number:
(574) 269-2376.  Please be advised that, as we do not have a full-time secretary, you may have to leave a recorded message.  Please clearly speak your name and return phone number.  We will respond back as promptly as possible.
Cordially Yours In Christ,
Pastor (Emeritus) Ron Williams

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