How to Enroll a Student at Hephzibah House
All of the students we have enrolled at Hephzibah House over the years since 1971 have come from the decisions of Parents, Pastors and concerned family members of a troubled young girl.  We have received girls from every state in the union and from some foreign countries (these are daughters of American Missionaries serving abroad).  Generally, these are young girls between the ages of 12 years up to 16 years 8 months (sometimes exceptions are made from these age parameters).  Each girl has a custodial parent that attends a Bible-believing Church.  The minimum stay for a child is 15 months, although several stay until they finish their High School work; that is for the parent and Pastor to decide.
We can normally determine from one phone conversation whether or not a child could be a part of our ministry.  Should you know of a family having struggles with their teen daughter, please be free to give them our office phone number: (574) 269 2376.  They may leave their name and number on the recording device and someone on the staff will return their call.  Or, one may send an email to our office with their phone number where they can be reached:
One of the most common refrains we hear in our meetings across the country is:
………….“I wish I had known about your ministry when my daughter was a troubled teen.”
We rejoice in those of our girls who are now in full time ministry.  Many others are now Godly wives and mothers and productive members of society.  Tragically, some go back to their old ways.  However, we rejoice in those the Lord in His mercy has miraculously changed.
For a parent seeking an old-fashioned, Biblically-based ministry for their troubled daughter, a phone call to Hephzibah House may be in order.