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We are thankful for the influence that HH had in her life
When (name withheld) was taken by her parents to Hephzibah House, she was literally out of control. She refused to obey her parents to the point that if they did not find help, they would be forced to emancipate her, and put her out of the home to protect their other children. She was an absolutely horrible influence on them. She would stay out late, drink, do drugs, bring home different guys when she thought her parents would not be around.

In desperation, they took her to HH, under great protest from her. Fortunately, shortly after arriving, she settled down and settled in. As her pastor, we communicated often by phone and by letter. It appeared that genuine change was beginning to occur in her life in a very positive way. We rejoiced in the change and grandly welcomed her home after her high school graduation.

When she first returned, my wife began a Bible study with her to continue the counseling received at HH, and to encourage her reintegration into her family, her town, and her church. It went well for a time, and we were really encouraged.

However, in retrospect, the change now seems to be something she put on, and that she did not really receive the Lord, and really commit her life to Christ. Her availability for the Bible studies began to be spotty, ostensibly because of conflicts with college in which she was then enrolled. It was not long before some of the old behaviors began to surface. She has since had moral failure with different young men. She has lived off and on with the guys, and with her parents, who finally asked her to leave.

We are thankful for the influence that HH had in her life, and rejoice that she was taught the real answers to real life. However, we also recognize the incredible challenge HH was up against with she as evidenced by her life today. Thank you for your influence. Our prayer is that someday the things she learned with come back to her, and she will find the way to real, satisfying life—life in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Thank you for having such a ministry as the Hephzibah House, what a truly needed ministry!

I have had the privilege of visiting the Hephzibah House on two different occasions and on of the first thoughts that came to my mind is…Refuge. The Hephzibah House is truly a place of refuge for troubled young ladies. I believe it to be a place where a young lady can come and find truth from God’s perspective. I believe it to be a place of opportunity and place where young ladies without hope can once again experience God’s wonderful grace.

It has been my honour to be a life long friend of your family. Your family has been a great encouragement and testimony to me. There are many so-called “ministers” and “ministries” that simply are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I have always observed your family and the staff at Hephzibah House to be of the utmost integrity. If the need ever were to arise I know with complete confidence that I could whole-heartedly recommend Hephzibah House to a family in need. If the need ever were to arise without hesitation and fear, I would confidently place my own children into your trust.

For those who want it, the Hephzibah House is a place where your life can be changed for the glory of God. I believe the reason to be is because Jesus Christ and His Word are the focal point of all that is done. It is very obvious with your family and the staff that I was able to visit with that at Hephzibah House there is a heart for Christ and a heart for others. There is a presence of genuine Christian love and care for others among the staff and family residing at Hephzibah House. There is a genuine heart to “rescue the perishing and care for the dying”.

Thank you for your faithfulness, sacrifice, and obedience to the Lord in providing such a ministry. Thank you for “throwing out the lifeline” so that the precious lives and hearts of young ladies may be redeemed. Thank you for providing a shelter where young ladies won’t be pierced, tattooed, drugged, used, victimized and then cast aside when she no longer has anything to offer. Thank you for having this place of refuge where a young lady can learn that she is of great value; precious, and loved in the sight and heart of God. Thank you for your sacrifice and stand that others may reap the benefit.

I pray that God will exalt Himself and His name through your testimony and that God will greatly bless and use you for His glory.


I am a pastor of a Baptist church.

I have known Dr. Ron Williams for over 25 years. I have visited the ministry on many occasions. In a Fundamental Baptist Church such as ours, this is a much needed ministry.

Families in my church have utilized this ministry to help them salvage their daughters from an immoral, drug infested, and alcohol drenched society.

Most of the girls that have gone there initially express gratefulness to their parents, and the ministry for helping them in their time of need. There are girls that still openly praise the Lord for the Hephzibah House ministry as they continue to live a God fearing life and raise their families to honor God. This ministry has stood for 37 years in salvaging many young ladies.



Thank you for the excellent way in which you have helped the young ladies whom we have recommended to Hephzibah House.

Your superb professional counseling, the secure home atmosphere, and the joyous, positive attitude and emphasis have brought help to their distressed lives. We are exceedingly grateful for the continuing ministry of Hephzibah House.

You will recall we have recommended Hephzibah House to two needy families. Both young ladies caused problems in their families and the families felt that they were at the end of their rope. In both of their lives there was great change for the good. While at the home, they could not say enough good about how they were treated and they were grateful for your counsel and what God was doing in their lives. Both came out of Hephzibah House with the desire to honor their family, to make things right, to be an asset in the community and a help in the church. We rejoiced with them at the complete turnaround in their lives.

Dr. Williams, one of the young ladies was so changed and challenged that her desire was to visit the mission field. The other young lady finished her high school while there and went on to two outstanding Christian colleges. She graduated and is married to a fine Christian man.

Both of these young ladies have praised Hephzibah House for the help in removing the hurt in their life.

Again I want to express our sincere thanks for your help. Our prayers are for you.



I have known Dr. Ron Williams for many years.
I have visited their home. I have enjoyed meals with them as well as the girls in their home. Never have I witnessed anything that would be consistent with what some people are saying about what goes on at Hephzibah House.

In the past, some of the members of the church I pastor, have sent girls to Hephzibah House. Never have I heard them or their daughters say anything negative.

My wife and I visited the Williams family many times over the years. I have never known them to be anything but caring, loving and concerned about the girls they take in. Understandably, the girls that they take in are troubled girls. I don’t believe their families would have sent them to Hephzibah House if they weren’t desperately in need of help.

I have never known Hephzibah House to be abusive to the girls in their home, physically, mentally, socially, or Spiritually. Their goal as far as I can see, I to lovingly help each girl to be a respectable human being in every way. There will always be failures in situations of rebellion. Consider the public penal system. I am certain that those who have not repented of their wrong doings would not speak well of the system that tried to rehabilitate them.


Having been involved in full-time Christian service for nearly half-a-century, I have always maintained a keen interest in the positive development of Christian virtues in the lives of impressionable young people and children.

With an American society where families are being torn asunder by unwholesome sexual and sensually oriented pressures, adultery and divorce, it is no surprise that many young teen-girls have succumbed to such stress and become temporarily rebellious to proper authorities in the home, church and society.
While inculcating wholesome virtues in the lives of troubled teen-girls is not an easy task, the Hephzibah House Ministries [HHM], under the capable direction and leadership of Dr. Ron Williams, has undertaken this important responsibility.

Having carefully observed the ministry for 30 years, in my estimate, HHM combines genuine Christian compassion and concern with careful restraints that are humane and wise. HHM is filling a distinct void and meeting a tremendous need in a vital area as they endeavor to salvage tender lives for productive purposes in families, churches and human society.


I am happy to express my personal appreciation for the ministry of Hephzibah House.

Since I have been on the campus many times, spoken in the chapel services, visited the school, and my wife and I have talked with some of the students, I feel that I know the ministry well. The love of the entire staff for the students that I have witnessed on many occasions is refreshing and encouraging. Your steadfastness in consistently showing the girls a better way (God’s way) according to His Word is the reason I remain a loyal and faithful supporter of the ministry of Hephzibah House. I know from personal experience that while it is sometimes difficult to work with young people, rewards of seeing lives changed and families made whole again make it all worthwhile.

May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you all.

I was introduced to Dr. Ron Williams, and was immediately impressed with this man.
He showed great humility and compassion, concerning his calling in the opportunity to serve his fellow man. The unique ministry of helping young ladies, to put their lives back together, is to be commended.

We have been to Hephzibah House on numerous occasions, and have always been so very impressed with the facilities, and the love and compassion all the workers have in helping the young ladies. We have gladly supported this ministry for many years, and would highly recommend them to all as one of the best faith-based help ministries I have ever known.

If we were to move to another state, we have considered moving to Indiana, that we might be closer to Hephzibah House. The young ladies that are at this home receive all that they will need to have a wonderful life in the future. We also appreciate the great security system that keeps the young ladies safe from any that would want to do them harm.

Dad and Mom, if you need help for your dear child, contact Hephzibah House, and your child and yourself will ever be thankful, that your child has been one of the blessed ones to be there. Hephzibah House and staff- we love you and pray for you daily!


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I am writing this letter to commend the Hephzibah House ministry. My observations come from times in which it was my privilege to be with this ministry in a series of services.

When God’s people mature in their lives to become Christ-like, they always become burdened for some need that exists among people. This burden is quite varied in its scope. Some go to the mission fields in foreign lands and among those who need the Christian witness in one form or another. Others go to neglected areas of our own country. However, some become burdened for conditions which exist in other areas such as children who are heading for unfortunate lives. Without going into details, it is quite evident that many of these children develop very unfortunate life-styles; unfortunate for themselves and for the little babies who often have the misfortune to come into their lives.

The Hephzibah House ministry is just such a ministry. These precious people have felt the burden to supply help to a need that exists. It is evident from being with them that they really care for these girls. Often the girls come with a negative attitude which has to be changed if the work is to be effective. If their lives are to be rescued from an apparent disaster, they must be turned from the direction they are going.

Often this is not an easy process, but with patience, they can be helped until they can make responsible decisions on their own. Children cannot make responsible decisions until they understand the weight of bad decisions which they make.



My list of blessings includes the special people God has brought into my life to love. I have a treasured scrapbook filled with pleasant memories of all the times God has answered prayer through friends and family. Each name is a touchstone that leads to a place and time where God has used anther heart to reach out and touch mine. It may have happened yesterday or even years ago. Every person on my list has helped me grow or heal or laugh or love or learn or smile.

I thank God for allowing Ron Williams to cross my path, for being able to say he is my friend; to be able to know that whatever need I have Ron would help me. I have known some good men in my day but none would eclipse Ron. His character is above reproach, which is a needful quality in the life of a Christian.

Ron’s life has been one of being faithful. If I were to go to battle I know no other friend that I would value more that Ron. The ministry of Hephzibah House is founded upon the doctrines and principles of God’s Word. I would be at peace sending one of my children for the help that is provided at Hephzibah House. I have been in the Williams’ home, served on the Advisory board of Hephzibah House, and I think Psalm 112:1-10 would be a godly description of Ron.
page4_11 As a pastor and as a supporter of the Hephzibah House ministry, I thought it would be good to visit with them and I did visit on three different occasions. Upon my visits I found the Hephzibah House ministry to be very organized and with a pleasant and clean environment. I sensed a genuine concern and dedication among the staff members.

The young ladies who were enrolled there seemed content. They conducted themselves very well and I saw no signs of depression. I greatly enjoyed their singing during the church services and I remember hearing some give their testimony of how the Lord had changed their lives since they had come to Hephzibah House.

After hearing and seeing all that was said and done I truly considered this to be a needed and helpful ministry. I feel there are few that could undertake such a task as Pastor Ron Williams has. His years of consistency, faithfulness, and dedication both to the ministry and to the Lord have proved him to be a true and upright servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


When we look back over our lives -- the events, the people -- we all have special, sweet memories that we hold dear.  Meaningful memories.  Memories of people and events that changed our lives decisively for the good.  Ron Williams, his wife, his children, his ministry all hold a very special place in our hearts.  We met him way, way back when we were just newly married.  His frank, open way and refreshing, truthful talk opened our eyes to see our own wrong thinking.  We made adjustments, and now over 25 years later, we are still rejoicing over the changes we made. 

His wife!  We love her.  Straightforward, honest speech.  Aimed directly at your heart.  A woman to admire and to learn from.  She is a wonderful example of pushing on through all kinds of trial. 

And the children -- they all hold a very dear place in our hearts.  We watched them grow up.  We visited them in their home, they visited us in our home.  We made some precious memories with them that will forever be priceless. 

Lastly, the ministry.  What a beautiful, selfless act of graciousness!  For many parents, they were the last resort for a child that had grown miserable from listening to countless voices from the outside. Many of these girls had been deceiving their parents, making the family life unbearably strained and tense, and many times were at the verge of some type of self-destruction.  They needed to be protected from themselves.  And that is not possible in a normal home situation. 

Hephzibah House lovingly takes these very same young ladies, with hang-ups of mountainous size, into a structured and protected environment full of the elements needed in any young woman's life.  School, chores around the place, lots of good fresh air and exercise, encouragement and approval, great food, seasons of having a blast, hearty counsel from caring adults, schedule, and best of all, plenty of the Word of God, shared in loving concern and with wise discernment for just what was needed at the time.

We have been there many times and love the living areas dedicated to the girls, their lovely back yard, and school areas.  It is bright and cheerful and homey.  We have always been impressed by the dedication of the ladies who work directly with these girls.  They give so much, side by side, and elbow to elbow with the girls.  They are ready to laugh, joke, counsel, cheer up, direct, command, and help at a moment's notice. 

We have had deep involvement with two of the girls who have gone there and I can say earnestly, with all my heart, that Hephzibah House did a great job.  How grateful these two families were for the work that went into their precious daughters!  We may never know the tragedy averted by the staff at Hephzibah House for these ladies, and the pain spared their families patiently praying and supporting from home, but we are grateful.  Ron Williams and his wife could have easily sat back in their rocking chairs, enjoying their many grandchildren and enjoying life, but instead, they press on in their labor of love for besieged daughters who are left with no other hope. 

Thank you, Ron and your wife, all your children, and grandchildren, all the faithful workers there at Hephzibah House for every part you each had in each young lady whose life you touched.  May God bless you all.


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I am a pastor who has been an acquaintance of the Hephzibah House ministry for over thirty years.

Some might accuse me of being biased, and rightly so. I am, not because of the length of my acquaintance, but because of what I have seen and heard during that time. I have an even longer acquaintance with Chicago politics, having been born in Chicago in the 1940s, but my bias is against them for what I have seen and heard.

What is it that I have seen concerning the Hephzibah House ministry?

First, it is the consistency. This ministry has stuck by their standards while others have compromised due to a change in leadership, philosophies, or social pressures. Ridicule, loss of support, and threatened loss of freedom have not deterred them from trying to follow God’s principles. They know their goal of turning out girls right for the Lord has no chance of happening without following God’s ways as revealed in God’s Book.

Secondly, I have seen an ongoing love for the girls, sometimes misinterpreted by outsiders and even the rebellious girls themselves who mistakenly think love is letting you do anything you want and not making you do anything you don’t want. It is that kind of thinking that lands girls in the Hephzibah House to begin with. Love does what is best for the one being loved. Sometimes that can be unpleasant.

Had the Lord not brought my pride crashing down, I would be in hell, or headed there, today. I have visited the Hephzibah House on frequent occasions, both announced ahead of time and unannounced. I have never seen anything that would be contrary to expressed love. I have had young ladies from my church become residents in this program. They returned changed and happy girls. Unfortunately, one eventually went back to her old ways, but that was not due to any blame of the Hephzibah House ministry.

Third, I have seen good training - academic, spiritual, character, and practical life skills training are all emphasized, along with having good clean fun and building good memories. I am amazed at the sacrifice and good spirit of the small staff. Working with rebellious girls almost 24/7 has to be one of the most challenging callings on earth. I believe the rewards these servants will receive in heaven will be among the greatest of those handed out.

Fourth, I have seen quality of care. The facilities are nice and clean. The good, healthy food and exercise is a model for successful, healthy living. Medical needs are addressed. The girls have access to good counsel and are urged to keep in touch with their pastor back home.

Fifth, I have seen preparations to help serve others. Life’s biggest purpose is to impact others for good. The selfish life is a miserable and wasted life, while the life of service brings great fulfillment. At Hephzibah House, the girls learn responsibility and how to serve others. They also learn how to best serve their future family and their local church. They are involved in assembling good books to help people around the world. Their lives are ones of ministry now and preparation for ministry in the future.

Isn’t is strange that those who choose to see everything through negative-colored glasses are blinded by their negativity to all that is good, and seldom, if ever, mention any of the good?

Sincerely, An Appreciative Pastor

page4_14 Dear Dr. Williams,

In light of recent attacks against Hephzibah House in general and you fine folks in particular, I would like to pen words of encouragement to you, and lend my voice in your support. This is not theoretical, contrived or offhand. Please be assured that I am very familiar with Hephzibah House.

One of our church families recognized the downward spiral and destructive behavior of their daughter and with diligent search, we were introduced to your ministry. This precious young lady was certainly a troubled youth in need of concentrated attention. Troubled kids are led astray by friends, coworkers, lack of supervision, and many other things. Surrendering a child to another’s care is a very difficult decision to make and is only prayerfully, desperately, and sadly done. Hephzibah House came with the most thorough of praise from trusted friends who had themselves experienced their ministry.

I visited the home on at least 3 occasions and found a loving, learned and considerate organization. Each and every staff member displayed a minister’s heart toward the girls. They displayed a proper regard for the value of each and every girl’s souls. As pastor to this young lady, I had weekly contact by phone and developed a strong and precious bond with her that continues. Do these vindictive people begrudge or resent this young lady’s happy home, loving husband and beautiful children? None of these would have been possible without the loving care and counsel of our dear friends of Hephzibah House.

Certainly supervision and routine were displayed. Both were absent in the young lives before and undoubtedly required adjustments. Sadly, not every young lady allowed the Lord to transform their inner man and thereby their lives. Some of these are now working against this fine organization of people who give of themselves in their behalf. Thankfully, our church’s young lady is not among them. She made life-long friends, loves and keeps in contact with these dear people and by her very existence reveals the lie of these sad creatures who, by a continuation of the rebellion that landed them there in lithe first place, would destroy the opportunity for all those others to come and realize liberty in Christ, peace, harmony and fellowship. It is short sighted, selfish and destructive….the same characteristics that made their parents turn in desperation to Hephzibah House to begin with.



Thank you for the excellent way in which you have helped the young ladies whom we have recommended to Hephzibah House. Your superb professional counseling, the secure home atmosphere, and the joyous, positive attitude and emphasis have brought help to their distressed lives. We are exceedingly grateful for the continuing ministry of Hephzibah House.

You will recall we have recommended Hephzibah House to two needy families. Both young ladies caused problems in their families and the families felt that they were at the end of their rope. In both of their lives there was great change for the good. While at the home, they could not say enough good about how they were treated and they were grateful for your counsel and what God was doing in their lives. Both came out of Hephzibah House with the desire to honor their family, to make things right, to be an asset in the community and a help in the church. We rejoiced with them at the complete turnaround in their lives.

Dr. Williams, one of the young ladies was so changed and challenged that her desire was to visit the mission field. The other young lady finished her high school while there and went on to two outstanding Christian colleges. She graduated and is married to a fine Christian man.

Both of these young ladies have praised Hephzibah House for the help in removing the hurt in their life.

Again I want to express our sincere thanks for your help. Our prayers are for you.


Throughout my ten years of acquaintance and involvement with Believers Baptist Church and Hephzibah House, God has allowed me to make several observations.

Always, the air at the ministry is one of peacefulness. In the church services, there is a beautiful attitude of worship enhanced by the girls’ demure appearance, chaste behavior, and enthusiastic singing. In the school, one can find, even on an unannounced visit, a happy environment with students performing their academic studies and carrying out their vocational training with obvious willingness.

Always, in my experience, there is an unspoken respect. Never have I seen or heard a confrontational spirit between student and teacher, between girl and house parent, between member and pastor. In every instance of my observation, there has been a mutual esteem because the staff see their students as unique, special creations of God who should be honored as such.

As to any physical abuse or misuse, I have seen none, either in actuality or in evidence. I have never so much as observed a staff member take a student by the arm or even mildly shove or move a student. Having spent years counseling abuse victims, I can easily spot the distrust in the eyes of an abused person if he is near the one who has taken advantage of him. Such distrust is never visible in the eyes of the students at Hephzibah House when they are around their staff and counselors.

The success of Hephzibah House with formerly enrolled students is amazing. Young ladies who would have gone wild and perhaps ended up dead or marred for life, are now productive pastor’s wives, missionary’s wives, and faithful women across the land. They are now rearing children of their own.

No honest support exists for any doubts regarding the credibility and legitimacy of Believers Baptist Church and Hephzibah House. Of course, the pastors and directors and staff of those ministries are human beings with faults of their own, but they are dedicated, God-honoring individuals with a heart to help and minister.

Furthermore, no worthy, reputable source can be found to lodge true complaints against the staff or pastors, past or present. All their supporters would testify that what I have said is true.


page4_18 I have pastored the same church in the Mid-West for 20+ years.  All of that time we had a family in our church who struggled with their daughter.  When "Suzy" was only 3, I challenged them personally to learn how to parent her according to Biblical teaching.  Through the years they were never able to gain godly control in their home.  Eventually their daughter's rebellion reached the point where they could not continue to live under the same roof.  There was constant tension and strife.  In desperation, they called me for help.

I called Ron Williams who agreed to accept "Suzy" into the program.  She went willingly (if somewhat reluctantly) because she knew things could not continue as they were.

At Hephzibah House she was put in a structured environment with clear expectations and concentrated discipleship in godliness.  "Suzy" resisted at first, but gradually she became a modest, sober, God-focussed young lady.  She came back to us a different person.  Her countenance was transformed and she was earnest about serving the Lord.

Sadly, she did not guard her heart, and, over time, she began to pursue the world again.  As she listened to the world's music and the world's philosophy her heart became corrupted.  Her life degenerated into the worst of sins.  Of course when she rebelled she had little good to say for Hephzibah House.

Interestingly, two years later when Ron Williams came to our church to preach, she came under conviction and repented of her sin.  God spoke to her heart through the very ministry she had disparaged.  However, the effects of her degenerate behavior continue to plague her to this day.

I can honestly say that for the 20 years I have known "Suzy" the 18 months she spent at Hephzibah House was the time in her life that she did the best.  Today if she were living according to what she learned there, she would have a happy and productive life.  Instead she has some wasted years for which she will give account to God.


Our church has been involved with Hephzibah House for decades, and we have observed it from a distance and up close.
We have appreciated their consistency and their desire to serve God and man, giving of themselves sacrificially. We have appreciated their willingness to grow and to change over the years as they would come to understand how better to apply eternally unchanging principles. They have demonstrated a recognition that while the word of God never changes, applications of God’s word can and must change (Acts 13:36).

We have sent three of our young ladies to Hephzibah House, overlapping some of the time that the supposed abuses were occurring. Our girls are the kind who both are aware of what’s going on around them and who would not be afraid to speak up (and in fact would enjoy doing so). They believe that these accusations are false and malicious.

We believe in holding accountable the ministries which we support, one of which is Hephzibah House. Our holding Hephzibah House accountable has included on-site visits, regular reading of their publications and materials, and talking with their independent auditor. We have found no improprieties. We have seen at this Winona Lake ministry a group of people open and hospitable.

We are aware of one position with which we disagree with the leadership of Hephzibah House (Bible translation; as much as we love the KJV, it seems to us that they equate inspiration and preservation). In publicly stating this disagreement, our intent is not to be contentious or divisive, but to demonstrate that we are willing to publicly express disagreement over serious issues.

One strength of Hephzibah House is the willingness (and even eagerness) of the leadership to receive and act on counsel. Pastor Ron Williams recently sought my counsel and asked if I thought they should “go to the media” to answer false charges being made publicly (including by the media) or to remain silent. While a case could be made either way, it was evident to me that the reason for their not publicly defending themselves was the recognition that it is not always wise to publicly defend oneself. Hephzibah House has not gone the way of political correctness in many areas (including their requiring conservative dress and music, restrictions on television viewing, and non-attendance at popular entertainment settings), and sometimes “the press” will focus on the sensational over the helpful. (I had offered to one journalist to be interviewed regarding Hephzibah House, but after reading her published article, it seemed she was more interested in the sensational than in the actual.)

We would again send students who have need of such training, and we are encouraged to know that there is such a place should the need arise. We have come to the same conclusion as Hephzibah House in that it is best for children to remain at home for their Christian training, but that there are those situations which call for outside help. We are grateful that Hephzibah House is willing to step into the gap here.



I have known Dr. Ron Williams and been familiar with his ministry for many years. The ministry of Hephzibah House has been a place of new beginning for many young girls who had no hope.

I have personally been to Hephzibah House and seen the love and care that these girls receive from the staff there. At Hephzibah House these girls are taught values that have impact on the choices they will make in their life.

As a pastor counseling with a family with a teenage girl that I could not help, I made a recommendation that she get help through the ministry at Hephzibah House. The family decided to take her there and her life was changed forever. She accepted Christ as her Saviour the second week she was there and spent two years learning values to help her make wise choices. It has been a blessing to see how this rebellious teenager has transformed into a fine Godly young lady who desired to serve the Lord.

I would highly recommend the ministry of Hephzibah House which has been reaching troubled souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1971.


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I write this letter as a Pastor who has experience with Dr. Ron Williams and the Hephzibah House ministry for girls. Dr. Williams has directed this ministry for over thirty years. The number of great success stories are many.

Some stories of failure are coming into the news as of late, with destruction in those stories directed toward Dr. Williams and the ministry. Much of these stories, sad to say, reflect that the story tellers are not telling their stories with full facts. For the sake of the truth, I have a story to tell, and it needs to be told for all to hear.

A young girl in the church I started and have pastored for many years, needed help, help that we believed could be given in the Hephzibah House ministry. This girl was placed there by her parents. She went through the program showing some signs of a change of heart. She came back home and there were signs of change at first, but it did not last, not because Dr. Williams and his staff were abusive, unfair, and unkind, but because the girl had been dishonest in her heart all along. If one’s heart is not changed, the behavior certainly will not change.

This young girl began speaking negatively about Dr. Williams and Hephzibah House. These were the typical remarks: “They were too strict. The place was like a prison with harsh treatment. We had no freedom.” Other things began to show up, too. She returned to full rebellion against her parents, especially toward her Dad. She took him to court because he had the will to discipline her for breaking the family rules, which were certainly fair and just. The judge took the girl’s side completely regardless of anything her father had to say. The father was forbidden to discipline her any further and threatened with jail if he did so.

Knowing now that she had the judge “in her court,” she sold out to her own selfishness to live without God, His Word on behavior, parental authority in the home, or pastoral counsel. No matter what her parents or I had to say to her, she was determined to have her own way in things. She certainly became bitter and judgmental toward anyone who attempted to show her a right way of behavior. I personally did not escape her sharp and destructive tongue. She used words to paint a very bad picture of anyone who attempted to correct her behavior. She determined to “do her thing” as she put it, and we were to stay out of her life! And now, the rest of her story must be told.

This rebellious young girl went deeper into a life of social sins, getting pregnant four times by four different males, bringing four babies into the world which she could not, yea, would not, care for. They had to be cared for by others, and as others did care for her babies, she proceeded to continue her life of alcohol, drugs, sex and heartbreak for her parents.

Today these four children are scattered to only God knows where, and she has let herself go personally until her personal appearance is very sad to say the least. The state, county and city are paying for her housing and food at taxpayers’ expense! Let no one wonder why our taxes are so high!

Those young girls who have been at Hephzibah House and are now saying and writing horrible things against Dr. Williams and his ministry, are to be supported in no way for their attacks. They deserve no ear by the public. At the end of the day, the fruit of their words and life-styles will prove them to be much like the girl I have described. In all of this matter, these Bible verses are very appropriate:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (anyone) soweth, that shall he also reap” Galatians 6:7.

“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (I Corinthians 15:33).

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers or themselves with mankind . . . (I Corinthians 6:9).

If any of these girls who have been in Hephzibah House have been abused, it is they who have abused themselves! Let anyone who believes otherwise beware! God avenges truth!

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